5 Things Couples Should Know Before They Move In Together

Moving in is a big step ahead towards an eternity of togetherness. There’s barely any feeling which would even come close to being in love, especially if you’ve managed to cherish it since the first time it happened. Moving in together needs to be taken seriously because if you try doing things too fast too soon, there’s a fair chance that you will end up scaring your partner.

In case you’re wondering whether you’re ready to ask your partner to move in with you, here are 5 things you should keep in mind before you do so:


Compatibility is undoubtedly the foremost thing you should be thinking about. Moving in with someone who needs a lot of personal space all the time might turn out to be a bad decision eventually. Many people tend to shy away from sharing an apartment with a roommate because it takes away their sense of control from the place. If you find your partner to be someone who loves to be in their territory, give them time to see you as a part it.


Moving in implies that both of you will have to give up on a lot of things you used to do while living alone. This is because living together with your partner means that you will be sharing your room with them as well. Having your ‘dudes’ or ‘chicas’ come over for a game or party won’t be that simple anymore. You’ll need to be more understanding and respectful towards each other.

It’s Not Always Rainbows And Butterflies:

There are fights in a real relationship. The true sense of togetherness doesn’t lie in having a relationship where there’s no fighting at all. There are fights over a variety of issues like priorities and attitude. If your better hal is visiting www.torontoescorts.agency, a fight is bound to happen. But rather, a true relationship is borne by people who understand that getting upset is a part and parcel of life and there’s no necessity to overreact to it. Living together 24×7 will mean that there can be more differences in opinion which can turn into fights. Bouncing back to normal after having a fight is the key to a happy life.


Many people have a habit of lying to their partners. If you have had such habits in the past, we urge you to stop doing that. There’s nothing worse than being caught red-handed by your partner on something they believed you’ll never do. This not only gives rise to trust issues but also establishes you as an insensitive person devoid of emotions.

Reality Check:

Before you decide to move in with your partner, introspect yourself. We’re insisting on this because many people rush things too fast even when they’re not sure of what they want to do with their life. Moving in is all about making a commitment, establishing that your partner means as much as you do to yourself. Being a narcissist, later on, every small fault won’t bring you any good.

If you’re sure that you’re all set to go, make sure you don’t screw up the part where you surprise them with the big ‘moving in together’ gesture. Take them out on a romantic date and then slip the message in rather than saying it to their face at McDonald’s. Happy moving in!